Cluster Mailbox and Wall-Mounted Mailbox Projects Made Easy!

Cascade Building Inc. provides an in-person TURNKEY design, configuration and installation service for NEW CONSTRUCTION AND RENNOVATION involving outdoor [pedestal mounted] mailboxes and indoor [wall mounted] central mail delivery systems.

Meet all Safety, Security and Accessibility Standards

We make sure your products AND INSTALLATION will meet all safety and security USPS and American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance. The USPS and ADA regulations make compliance today with USPS and ADA specifications more important than ever. If not done correctly and exactly you may expose your building to lawsuits by ADA abusive schemes or theft of mail and storage box contents.

No one saves you more time and hassle than Cascade!

In today’s regulatory environment the last thing an apartment or commercial building owner needs is an ADA violation lawsuit or a problem with the ever-changing standards of the United States Postal Services [USPS]. It is estimated that over the next ten years that 15 million [15M] single mailboxes will be decommissioned and no longer serviced by the USPS. This is because the USPS continually seeks to stem the losses and remain a viable delivery system for goods and services in the face of electronic, and overnight [UPS/FedEx] competitors. The table below shows that no other contractor handles all the design, configuration and compliance complexity that is unavoidable with new construction or renovation projects involving centralized mailbox delivery systems.

Cascade handles all the design, configuration and compliance hassle for YOUR Centralized Mailbox Systems!

Project Steps General Contractors Cascade Building
Turnkey Solution No Yes
Personal Sell Phone Yes
Design CMS* New Construction Architect Yes
Design CMS Renovation Sometimes Yes
Design ADA Compliance Some Yes
Design USPS Standards and security compliance Maybe Yes
Configure CMS Some Yes
Order CMS Mailbox Products Sometimes Yes
Order CMS non-Mailbox construction material Sometimes Yes
A single USPS Interface Sometimes Yes
Receive CMS Shipment Sometimes Yes
Order Renovation Material Sometimes Yes
Removal of Mailboxes Sometimes Yes
Recycle and Dismantle Sometimes Yes
Receive all Products Sometimes Yes
New Installation Sometimes Yes
QA with Client Sometimes Yes
USPS final keying Sometimes Yes
Training if necessary Sometimes Yes
Finance WIP inventory Sometimes Yes
Insurance Compliance Not always Yes

*CMS = Centralized Mail Systems